Forte augmentation des offres d’admission à l’université en 2014

Le dernier rapport UCAS fait état d’une forte augmentation des offres d’entrée à l’iuniversité en 2014. Celles-ci devraient encore augmenter cette année avec la levée du quota auparavant imposé par l’Etat.
Analyse du Times Higher Education Supplement:
What has been more important are the large increases in the total number of offers being made in recent years – almost all of them conditional. In 2014, the number of offers made by higher education institutions climbed by 100,000 year on year to reach a record 1.8 million across the UK. This is a significant shift in the pattern of offer-making: applicants are 50 per cent more likely to get a full set of five offers than their counterparts were just a few years ago.
When the cap on student numbers is removed, it would be surprising if we did not see a further rapid increase in the number of offers of all types being made in the next admissions cycle. After all, it may be more in the interest of the university than the youngster for them to study straight away at age 18. The sooner a person chooses to study, the sooner the university receives payment. Students who defer for a year have longer to think about whether and where they really want to go.
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